Title Insurance

We issue policies of Title Insurance to Owners, Lenders, Builders, etc. under Rules and on Forms prescribed by the Texas Department of Insurance and are paid a premium, also prescribed by that Department.

In issuing these Title Policies, we abstract the “title”, examine the “title”, determine if the “title” is insurable according to the guidelines of our Underwriters, “close the transaction”, receive and disburse the earnest money, record the instruments.

Title Reports

On occasion, for special purposes, we will abstract, examine and issue a Title Report on the status of the “title” to a specific tract of land.


We will gladly make you an Abstract, which is a compilation of all the instruments filed of record in the County Clerks Office affecting the “title” to a particular tract of land. Abstracts used to be popular some years ago and were in great demand during the “oil boom days” of Chambers County. Generally, they have been replaced by a Title Policy.


You will be surprised what information we have on land and people. You have to ask and pay an hourly fee to use our card index – under the strict supervision of our staff, because that index is our lifeblood – so if you come, be prepared to be well instructed and closely watched.


We stock and sell U.S.G.S. Topographic maps of a large area of SouthEast Texas (Scale: 1 = 24,000) and of the overall upper Texas and Louisiana coastal areas (Scale: 1 = 100,000). These maps are the official U.S. Government maps that show all the land features, water, land, roads, buildings, trees, etc. We also stock and sell some Fishing Maps. We also have maps of special importance that we can reproduce for you such as Ownership and Survey.


As a convenience to our Birdwatcher Friends we stock a couple of reasonable priced binoculars and some of the most commonly used “bird manuals” for those who “left theirs at home”. While we are not generally open on the weekends, if you are in desperate straits for either one of these, give us at call at: 409-267-3141 and Guy or Linda Jackson will traipse down to the office and sell you what you need. The U.S.G.S. Topographic Maps are wonderful for birdwatching.